Thursday there will be a protest at the White House put together by three Muslim clerics to express their wish for Sharia Law to be instituted in America.

Now, I don’t believe this will be taken seriously by the majority of Americans. But the question may be asked:

"How can this happen 9 1/2 years after 9/11?"

How is it that radical Muslims can be so bold as to ask for Sharia Law in Washington?

Could it be the mealy mouthed multi-culti approach to foreign diplomacy undertaken by the Obama administration? I think so.

Angela Merkel of Germany, David Cameron of the UK, and Sarcosi of France have all spoken against the multicultural policies their countries have implemented.

The radical sects of Islam take kilometers when given centimeters.

The Obama admin. ignores these warnings, just as they ignored the negative results of socialism in Western Europe.

Sharia Law will NEVER be instituted here. But watch the administration and their co-conspirators in the MSM molly-coddle these extemist nuts.