Vermont gov: I can see N.H. from my house!

This is a pretty decent article because it reflects reality. In a globalized world, jobs and capital can leave. Rather at the state, local, or national level, you have to remain competitive.…_my_house.html


Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin, a Democrat with a unified legislature, is rejecting calls from within his party to raise taxes. And he has a Sarah Palin joke to explain why.

“My problem is, on the eastern side of me, I’ve got the state of New Hampshire,” he told POLITICO. “Sarah Palin said that she could do foreign policy because she could see Russia from her house. Well, I’m the first governor in 40 years that can see New Hampshire from my house. So I can do tax policy. And I can tell you, we’ve got no more capacity. They’re killing us.”

New Hampshire has no sales tax and no income tax.