The big showdown in O-HI-O Tuesday: State Unions vs. Tea Parties

I will def be there in support of the Columbus Ohio tea party group.
Not only will Columbus Ohio tea party chapter will be there but other tea party groups plus some of the 9/12 groups will be at the statehouse Tuesday morning
However, there are a huge concern. For one, I was talking to a Columbus Police Officer and he says the dept expects to see 20,000 people from both sides come to the statehouse. There is a strong concern for a possibility of riots breaking out.


Uncivil War Coming To America?

I see the potential of an uncivil war stirring up in America between the left and the right. Look at all this hate going on between the parties. There is so much anger; so many emotions being stirred up. Yes, the two sides never agreed politically, but I see the divide getting worse. Also, there is a lot of unrest across the world. America may appear more civil than that, but when I look at the anger brewing I don’t doubt that the civility could snap at any moment and we could be hurled into unrest.

What are your thoughts?

LOL. The WI dem flight becoming a cottage industry?

Cute, I’ve seen two stories today about some peripherial effects of the Wisconsin Senate Dems’ fleeing like a deposed dictator. One stupid and one slightly humorous.

First the stupid: Friday night, a Madison restaurant blogged on the company website that they had to tell Governor Walker to leave because his presence was creating a ruckus among the other patrons. Some heavy-hitting lefty blogs cried out "Aw hell yeah!" at the move.

Then another blogger called the restaurant with some questions, and all of the sudden the restaurant backtracks, saying "maybe it happened, maybe it didn’t". The phone call was recoreded, and some unintentional comedy ensues as the restaurant employee on the phone doesn’t know which button terminates the call, and the internet is blessed with a cover-up recorded live.

A news outlet called the governor, and he said he has never been to that restaurant in his life. So a ruckus ensued among the political blogosphere over a lame attempt by a restaurant to gain street cred among the union crowd and drum up business.

Link to the drama here:

On a lighter note, New Rockford, Illinois is using their newfound status as Dem refuge to entice others to "hide away". Link to the advertisement is included at this link:…rom-wisconsin/

The Left’s VENDETA against Justice Thomas is attempt to save Obamacare!

It started with a trickle…But since the Florida Court declared Obamacare Void the left now seems resigned to the fact that Obamacare will go before the Supreme Court to decide if the new Healthcare Law is Constitutional..
the lefts attempt to silence a conservative voice on the court is Ramping up.

Do they KNOW they are going to lose this one?

Why else would they attempt to silence Justice Thomas’ voice?…_b_821444.html

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas must recuse himself immediately from any cases regarding the constitutionality of the health care reform law.

The Thomas household has profited from opposition to health care reform. His wife has already taken nearly $700,000 from health care opponents and now openly advertises herself as a crack lobbyist with the "experience and connections" to overturn the law of the land.

Yesterday, 75 of my House colleagues sent a letter to Justice Thomas calling on him to recuse himself from deliberations related to health care. Now I need your help to show Justice Thomas that we won’t accept a biased Supreme Court

Tax Cuts – The Economic Stimulus that ACTUALLY Works.

Tax Cuts – The Economic Stimulus that ACTUALLY Works.

I can prove that Tax Cuts will get us out of our Economic mess. People need to be confident about the solution to this problem, so that when things fall apart, the Left cannot convince people to give up the Constitution "because freedom didn’t work blah blah blah". This proof will use common sense and logic, so many Left Wingers may not get it.

The Proof

If the Government taxed everybody at 100%, how many people would actually go to work? Answer: Not very many, the Economy would collapse. We could expect few people to go to work. Government would bring in almost zero tax dollars, so the Government would collapse. There would be starving in the streets.

If the Government taxed everybody at 0%, how many people would actually go to work? Answer: Assuming law and order could be maintained, the Maximum number of people would be working. The Economy would be roaring. There would be jobs for EVERYBODY who wanted one, including the handicapped. People would have so much money, that taking care of people in need would be easy. Private charities would flourish. But, since the Government would once again be bringing in zero tax dollars, the Government would not be able to do its job of protecting the Individual from having their unalienable Rights violated. The Economy to be less than it could be, as people would have to deal with crime when they could have been producing.

Somewhere between 0% taxes and 100% taxes, is an percentage of taxes which would generate the maximum amount of money for the Government. This is the Point of Diminishing Returns.

If taxes go below the Point of Diminishing Returns, the Economy will do well as long as the Government has enough money to do its job of protecting one person from another. If Government is NOT providing things with Government Handouts, the maximum amount of people will be working, creating the maximum amount of Prosperity.

If taxes go above the Point of Diminishing Returns, the Economy will start to recede, causing Poverty to increase and Tax Revenues to go down faster than the tax increase should have increased revenues. The Government is going to far towards making people give up, causing the Government to get less tax revenue than it would if taxes were lowered. If taxes are increased enough above the Point of Diminishing Returns, a depression will occur like we are in danger of today.

The Point of Diminishing Returns has been calculated to be somewhere between 13% and 23%. This 13% to 23% range includes the total taxation on the Taxpayer when all of the taxes are added together, Federal, State, County, City, Sales Tax etc. etc. If the Government has Handout Programs, like Food Stamps, it lowers the Point of Diminishing Returns towards the 13%, number by making it easier for people to be non-productive. Currently in the united States, the average middle class person is being taxed WAY PAST the Point of Diminishing Returns, which means that if the Government needs more money, Taxes MUST be lowered so that the Economy will create more wealth. Since the Government has so many Handout Programs, the Point of Diminishing Returns probably is below 18%. This means that Federal Taxes need to be below 10% in order to leave something for State, County, City and other local taxes.

Why isn’t Congress making a big deal about taxation being past the Point of Diminishing Returns? Is it because they don’t know or believe it? To cut taxes in order to increase Government revenue, you would have to be somebody who believed in the Truth of Economic Laws and Human Nature. In other words, you would have to be Wise -> Wisdom.

Whether our current Economic Crises is due to Blind Greedy Ignorance or Malice, it is Self Imposed, Ridiculous, and Unnecessary, and we could turn it around today with a LARGE tax cut. :dance:

So what are we waiting for?