Under the War Powers Act, does Obama have the correct authority pertaining to Libya?

Denny Kucinich, who has been characteristically logical and at the same time slightly chaotic throughout this topic, pointed out recently that Obama was not permitted to invade Libya via the War Powers Act.

Below is the guy whose wife is way too hot for him’s argument. Read the whole thing then comment.

Personally, I thought Obama, in a clouded way, could reasonably fall under the War Powers Resolution and I even made the argument for Obama in this forum. However, things change and things are becoming less clear in some areas and more clear in others, and D-Dogg is starting to sound more convincing.


Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) railed against the “Libyan war” in a 40-minute floor speech Thursday, saying President Obama has brought about a “constitutional crisis” by usurping Congress’s authority to declare war.

Kucinich raised legal reasons why Congress should have been consulted before Libyan operations began, and moral reasons why the U.S. should restrict the use of its increasingly stretched military forces.

"Today we are in a constitutional crisis because our chief executive has assumed for himself powers to wage war which are neither expressly defined nor implicit in the Constitution, nor permitted under the War Powers Act," Kucinich said, according to his prepared remarks. "The president has no right to wrest that fundamental power from Congress — and we have no right to cede it to him."

Kucinich, who has been among the sharpest Democratic critics of the U.S. intervention in Libya, reiterated his complaint that the War Powers Resolution allows the president to use military force without congressional assent only when the U.S. faces "imminent danger."

While that threshold has not been met in Libya, Kucinich said, the Obama administration has gone even further by asserting a right to intervene because Libya’s government threatened its people with violence.

"This administration is now asserting the right to go to war because a nation may threaten force against those who have internally taken up arms against it," he said. "Our bombs began dropping even before the U.N.’s International Commission of Inquiry could verify allegations of murder of non-combatant civilians by the Gaddafi regime."


Shut it down and get credit!- and somebody, get Dick Morris on the phone

I know you Republicans have trouble with the whole message/ branding thing. Getting rolled by the media and all continuously. I know you have forgotten Reagans approach. You underestimate your support- fail to take inventory of the media resources at your disposal- fail to get on message ala the DEMS "talking point" memo machine. You continue to fear your own success-your media induced complex still strong.

Here’s how you win and you’re running out of time.
You must start a barrage of legislation in Congress. Much ballyhood to as much fanfare as you can muster each week. You own more than half the media and the hearts of the majority of the ENGAGED populace. (Just not the disproportionately visible passive outlets) These cater to disengaged people magazine zombies/ sheep for the most part anyhow, with a few radical leftists thrown in.

Jam every common-sense program you can dream up right to the door of the Senate as visible cannon fodder for the establishment blueblood Senators to destroy.

Video the carnage. Get on message and recap the bloodbath of commonsense with every talking head. Set-up the next weeks commonsense sacrificial offering and repeat, repeat, repeat, Energy, Immigration, Healthcare, Education, Deficit, Jobs, Taxation, Government,Waste on and on.
They don’t have to be fully fleshed out. Just the lowhanging fruit common sense portions.

GET SOME PROFESSIONAL MEDIA ADVICE. I’m sure Dick Morris is available. (or call me whatever)

They will call you extreme and your common sense plans draconian. They are exposing themselves! Great. Echo that. Make a mockery of them. Turn those words into badges of honor. When they call you extreme, say yes we are extremely concerned with the childish, irresponsible behavior of Democrats with regard to…..(Teaparty principle #1,2, or 3)


Stick to the principles below and you are assured to get CREDIT not BLAME because these principles represent the most commoly shared values of the majority of Americans and certainly encompass the ideas of nearly every voter who sent you.
Mission Statement

Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets.

(Borrowed from the Teaparty)

PLEASE Republicans Seek professional Marketing help before its too late.

Say it, Do it, Say it again. repeat repeat repeat

Rep. Bachmann: ‘Democrats Want A Federal Shutdown’

"Rep. Bachmann: ‘Democrats Want A Federal Shutdown’
Wednesday, March 30, 2011
By Eric Scheiner

(CNSNews.com) – As a showdown in Congress looms over the federal budget, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) claims Democrats would like to see the federal government shutdown after the current continuing resolution runs out on April 8th.

“We now know that Democrats want a federal shutdown. They’ve said that, Chuck Schumer has said that, Harry Reid has said that and Howard Dean has said that. So clearly the Democrats want a shutdown. They own the shutdown, not the Republicans,” Bachmann said to CNSNews.com.

excerpt http://cnsnews.com/news/article/rep-…t-federal-shut

Yup, Michele Bachmann nailed it, it’s the Dems who want the Fed. Shutdown. The Dems obviously are ignoring the voters, and their shutdown is going to backfire on them.

So is the lib politicians putting down the Tea Partiers. The Tea Partiers are we, and the lib politicians are showing us that they are against us.

9pm (central) ABC Radio News- “Escalation”

From what I heard this evening it seems Obama is now borrowing a page from the Johnson Administration and has just authorized sending in Special Forces detachments to aid the rebels and coordinate air strikes… .

Wasn’t it dem’s that kept trying to draw correlations between Vietnam and the Afghanistan and Iraq Ops?

Anyone remember how it was we became embroiled in the most embarrasing war the US was ever involved with and how it ended?

It seems emulating Carter’s Failures wasn’t enough for the Bungler in Chief… .:rolleyes:

Republican verses Democrat

I think we Americans have the luxury of our opinion being either Republican or Democrat in normal conversation, political rallys and during elections. I also think anyone running for an office is entitled to express he’s views for our country. I think the real problem comes about after these elections when the winning candidate no longer represents his fellow Republicans or fellow Democrates but all the people in his or her state and especially when it comes to the office of the President. To me, the President represents the entire country..not a portion and certainly not just his party. This President more than any other President I can remember, openly argues and fights against Republican ideas and slams the very people he has swarn to protect and support. He should be upholding the constitution only and that in turn would protect and support all Americans.. It really irritates me when politicans go at it on the basis of one party or the other. When they won that election they should rise above politics and serve their state and country according to the constitution they swore to uphold, not the party they came from. They have no bias now..They have to be open to everyone. These people are not hourly paid employees. They must be held to a higher standard. I want my voice heard just like my neighbor down the block or in another state. That’s why you all get paid the big bucks…figure it out as our ( key word, our )representitive not some politican.

Today was …

… the 30th anniversary of the assassination attempt of President Reagan.

It has been a long time.

Incidentally, to show where my mind was when I first realized this I also realized that the 4th will be the 30th anniversary of when Buckwheat got shot (on SNL) … yes, I very silly.

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