Obama Admin: We Were For The Rebels Before We Were Against Them

It won’t be long before the Admin admits they shot first and asked questions later.

Adm. James Stavridis: "there is still no detailed picture of rebel groups"

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: the U.S. is "getting to know" the opposition


They’re reluctant to give weapons to the “rebels” because they don’t know who they are.

Wouldn’t it had been prudent to know that before going to war in Libya for them on their behalf?

Walter Williams…Handouts, Morality and Common Sense

I seriously love Walter Williams;politically speaking of course:lol:; I would honestly be in a deliema on who to vote for if he and Ron Paul both ran for President in 2012;that’s how much I love him and his views so while reading one of his recent articles articles this morning, I thought others might enjoy.

Handouts, Morality and Common Sense

Whether Americans realize it or not, the last decade’s path of congressional spending is unsustainable. Spending must be reined in, but what spending should be cut? The Republican majority in the House of Representatives fear being booted out of office and are understandably timid. Their rule for whom to cut appears to be: Look around to see who are the politically weak handout recipients.

The problem is that those cuts won’t put much of a dent in overall spending. The absolute last thing a Republican or Democrat congressmen wants to do is to cut handouts to, and thereby anger, recipients who vote in large numbers. To spare myself ugly mail, I’m not going to mention that handout group, but members of Congress know of whom I speak.

More than 200 House members and 50 senators have co-sponsored a balanced budget amendment to our Constitution. A balanced budget amendment is no protection against the growth of government and the loss of our liberties. Estimated federal tax revenue for 2011 is $2.2 trillion and federal spending is $3.8 trillion leaving us with a $1.6 trillion deficit. The budget could be balanced simply by taking more of our earnings, making us greater congressional serfs. True protection requires an amendment limiting congressional spending.

Then it goes onto state…

Some people might say, "Williams, the programs that you’d cut are vital to the welfare of our nation!" When someone says that, I always ask what did we do before. For example, our nation went from 1787 to 1979 and during that interval produced some of the world’s most highly educated people without a Department of Education. Since the department’s creation, American primary and secondary education has become a joke among industrialized nations.

What about the Department of Energy; how much energy has it produced?

From our founding in 1787 to 1965, our nation went from a Third World status to building the world’s mightiest first-class cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit and Philadelphia without the benefit of Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). After HUD was created in 1965, many of our formerly great cities are in decline. No one is saying that HUD is responsible for the decline, but neither was HUD responsible for their rise.

Dang, I wish we had more like him!

Obama TV: Live!

Obama is spreading his Propaganda on TV again….

Winning the Future for American Energy.

He actually made the connection of his War on Libya to American Energy needs of individual citizens.

CO2 for FUEL

How is this going to fit into the IPCC AGW scam and the ‘alternative energy’ crowds agenda?


University of Minnesota researchers are a key step closer to making renewable petroleum fuels using bacteria, sunlight and carbon dioxide, a goal funded by a $2.2 million United States Department of Energy grant.


Two-thirds of oil and gas leases in Gulf inactive

Unbelieveable report issued from the Interior Department today. It sounds like Obama is giving a speech about this tomorrow. Probably to tell us how we can’t drill here yet and must rely on more foreign oil.


WASHINGTON – An Interior Department report to be released Tuesday says more than two-thirds of offshore oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico are sitting idle.

According to the report, obtained by The Associated Press, those inactive swaths of the Gulf could potentially hold more than 11 billion barrels of oil and 50 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. The report also shows that 45 percent of all onshore oil and gas leases are inactive.

President Barack Obama ordered the Interior Department review earlier this month amid pressure to curb rising gas prices. The White House says Obama will address his plans for the country’s energy security during a speech in Washington Wednesday


Wis. judge halts implementation of bargaining law

Looks like this is going to get dragged out for a while:

Wis. judge halts implementation of bargaining law

MADISON, Wis. – The showdown over Wisconsin’s explosive union bargaining law shifted from the Statehouse back to the courthouse on Tuesday, but it remained unclear when or even whether the measure would take effect.

No quick fix, no quick resolution:

That appeared even more likely after a hearing on Tuesday, when a Dane County judge again ordered the state to put the law on hold while she considers a broader challenge to its legality. She chastised state officials for ignoring her earlier order to halt the law’s publication.

Judge Sumi:

"Apparently that language was either misunderstood or ignored, but what I said was the further implementation of (the law) was enjoined," Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi said during a hearing. "That is what I now want to make crystal clear."

Well we will see about that I guess.

All the chronology, the debate, and the back and forth can be found here:


This story has faded in the light of the Japanese earthquake, Libya, and budget fights, bit it is still there.

Fiscal responsibility

I recently retired after almost 24 years of service in the Coast Guard. I don’t remember a time that the federal budget was passed and approved by 01 October. Enough is enough. When will a politition from either side take stand and publicly state that this failure to comply with their constitutional duties is unacceptable and will not continue? Maybee it’s time to have constitutional amendment that states if Congress fails to pass a budget they forfeit all pay and allowances until the budget is approved.