Another thug attacks at “American Dream” Rally

Again we see another example of these Tea Party folks showing their true colors. During a protest in Sacramento we see them resorting to name calling (Fascists go home) and violence (battery on a member of the opposition).
Why do these people always resort to violence is that all they know.

Opps after further review of the information it is now clear it was not the TP in the wrong it was a member of the local 439 that was in the wrong. Just color me surprised that a union thug got violent at the "American Dream" rally. Ole Van Jones would be happy…mento-protest/
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An amateur videographer caught a shoving match on tape. The video showed a face to face argument right before Richard Andazola, 28, of Stockton, shoved a tea party activist.


The video doesn’t show the choking incident, but clearly shows the shoving. Because of it, Sacramento Police officers cited Andazola for battery.