Clark Howard: 03.30.11 – Hour 2

Topics include: Preview the latest segment of Clark Stinks, and New rules will force more disclosure of your credit score.

Clark Howard: 03.30.11 – Hour 1

Topics include: Financial infidelity can harm a relationship, and Vacation clubs are being pushed as the new timeshares.

Clark Howard: Rip-Off Alert – 03.30.11

Now that the timeshare industry has become a completely broken and discredited one, marketers have come up with a new terminology that they hope will trick you into getting involved with these notorious money pits.

Clark Howard: 03.29.11 – Hour 1

Topics include: New online retailer fills gap in market for stylish glasses at a decent price, and Customer satisfaction index names best supermarkets, retailers and stock brokers.

Clark Howard: 03.29.11 – Hour 2

Topics include: Avoid these common mistakes on job interviews, and Beware of lawyers offering “prefund” settlements in injury cases.

Clark Howard: 03.28.11 – Hour 2

Topics include: Why the rise in food prices probably won’t mean much to you, and Car reliability shows tremendous gains over a generation.

Clark Howard: 03.28.11 – Hour 1

Topics include: Should kids be put in segregated seating on airplanes? and A daily deal site with no risk of unredeemed deals.

Clark Howard: 03.25.11 – Hour 2

Topics include: Internet sellers clash with states over sales tax issue, and Few Americans are confident they have the money to retire.

Clark Howard: 03.25.11 – Hour 1

Topics include: Not all Androids are created equal, and
AT&T offers opt-in deal alerts to mobile customers.

Clark Howard: 03.24.11 – Hour 1

Topics include: Mortgage brokers will be required by law to give you the best rate, and Nintendo rolls out 3D gaming system that does not require glasses.