Inside The Deal To Sell GM to China’s SAIC

By now, you’ve no doubt heard the news: General Motors’ Chinese partner, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) will take a controlling stake in GM by purchasing the equity sold to the U.S. and Canadian governments during the bailout. But what does it mean for the future of GM? The announcement was brief, cryptic and buried […]

more all about oil…. the colonials

another eu contradiction to the story of libya…. usa got hoodwinked by obama, the eu, etc etc…. true usa has qdaffy’s refineries on a sanctioned list and it does not have a foothold here, our eu buddies on the other side of the pond, make sweetheart deals with strange bedfellows…


COLLOMBEY-MURAZ, Switzerland – Flames and smoke shoot up from the Libyan-owned oil refinery on the eastern tip of Lake Geneva, suggesting one of Muammar al-Qaddafi’s outposts in Europe is still in business. As world powers tighten their military and financial grip around his regime, some governments are hesitating to freeze all of the assets controlled by the North African country’s repressive ruler.

An Associated Press investigation has found that several European countries have accepted assurances from Libya’s Tamoil petroleum company that none of its profits reach Tripoli. In return, Tamoil has been allowed to continue operating unchecked, despite the fact its parent company is on a United Nations sanctions list.

the hypocrisy and backroom deals amaze me.. why not long ago, the brits and their buddies allowed the lockerbie bomber to go home to libya because of a brokered oil deal with qdaffy… guess qdaffy ****ed off the eu, frenchies, and some others and got attacked…

Katherine Windels charged with death threats.

26 y.o. Katherine Windels from the Village of Cross Plains WI, sent threatening emails to 15 Republican state senators. In those emails she stated the following.

"We feel that you and your republican dictators deserve to die. I as well as many other know where you and your family live."

"A group is planning on putting a nice little bullet in your head."

Is this the civil discourse the left was parroting after the AZ shootings?

This scab of a woman is responsible for educating our children?

A nice little prison stint should give her a nice little lesson.

Sign the rebels are losing

Rebels now say they will accept cease fire if Qs forces withdraw from all cities and allow peaceful protests.

I think they realize they are in a no win situation(not being able to attack cities without possibly getting in hot water with NATO and no longer having US air umbrella).

If I were Quadaffi I would set my own ceasefire conditions that the rebels at the least relinquish all government owned military assets (tanks, aircraft).

Wisconsin Dems to file first recall petition

And so it begins…


Recall organizer Pat Scheller told the La Crosse Tribune that volunteers have collected more than the 15,588 signatures needed to trigger a recall and will file the petition in Madison on Friday.

Read more:…#ixzz1IH7t4GqN

Volunteers, all unpaid, collected more than 20 thousand signatures in less than 30 days, pretty amazing rate of collection. The canvassing board will have 31 days to process the signatures, with Kapanke having the right to challenge any of them.

Kapanke serves in the heaviest blue district held by a GOP state Senator, 61% of the district voted for Obama and he is seen as the most likely candidate to be recalled.…118280604.html

All 8 GOP Senators will probably be recalled at this rate, while none of the Democratic Senators face any real recall threat.

Democracy in action!

Remember the RAT committee?

I had a thought about them this am and wondered if they had ever published any findings…

I came across this …

which I haven’t read thoroughly yet, just skimmed (lots of info here) seems this committee is going to be disbanded in 2 days :clap: Could a government entity really be disappearing? :whistle: :clap: :whistle:

anyway is this [] the same committee/commission as the RAT? If not can anyone remember what RAT stood for so I can track it down?

Feel free to use this thread to comment on RAT / TARP or anything of interest to you in the COP report.

One of the kids is home sick, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to read the COP report all the way through.

Can the “Break Girl” Possibly Be in Serious Trouble?

Prosecutors have spent a great deal of time interviewing a former aide about some of the possible shenanigans that Mr Edwards and crew played to try to cover up his affair and out-of-wedlock child. It appears that they are concerned that he may have used campaign donations to try to squirrel the lady and child away. Looks like another Washington scumbag may be in some trouble…………….so why do I get the sinking feeling that even if everything is proven, Mr Edwards might get a slap on the wrist if he gets any punishment at all.

Preliminary employment statistics, if you choose to believe them.

If this is true, I call foul. This begs for an investigation, but given the selective enforcement of the current administration, I don’t have much faith.


Washington, D.C. — According to information provided by a senior official in the Bureau of Labor Statistics late Thursday night, the unemployment rate fell to 8.7 percent from the 8.9 percent rate in February.

Although the three-tenths of a percent bears good news for the economy, closer examination of the payroll survey shows an even more positive forecast. According to the senior official who broke the 8:30am embargo, "I’ve been doing this for 23 years, and these figures are something I’ve never seen before."

The labor force — the total number of individuals employed or seeking employment — rose from 153.2 million to 153.9 million, the most since September of 2010. Normally, an increase of nearly 700,000 new individuals in the total workforce results in a temporary increase in the unemployment rate, until these individuals either find employment or leave the workforce again.

This is where the numbers defy conventional wisdom. Of the 153.9 million individuals in the workforce in March, 140.5 million are now gainfully employed. Not only people who had been previously discouraged have re-entered the workforce; many of these formerly displaced workers have already found work.

The rest is just a matter of doing the math. In the month of February, 153.2 million individuals were in the workforce, of which 139.6 million were employed. For the month of March, 153.9 million individuals were in the workforce, of which 140.5 million are employed, a net increase of over 900,000 jobs.

Let me say that again: 900,000 additional jobs.

According to statistical models, the good news will only continue. Because workforce levels have made a large spike toward pre-recession amounts, the unemployment rate can be expected to only go down as more individuals returning to the workforce find jobs.

The senior official was skeptical, however. "Our surveys don’t normally show this high a rate of employment from our repatriated workers. Our internals couldn’t have possibly produced this result."

The White House press office was unavailable for comment.