Florida Governor Rick Scott orders drug testing all state workers


I guess it is not enough to insinuate that anyone receiving state aid is some kind of druggie that should be tested. Rick Scott now wants all state workers to submit to at least 4 drug tests each year. I guess it doesn’t matter that blanket drug testing by employers unless there is some sort of safety issue involved with the job has already been shown to be unconstitutional. We can add this to the list of unconstitutional provisions being promoted by the Republican class of 2010.

So now the state, which is supposedly in a fiscal crisis that demands huge budget cuts, can somehow afford arbitrary testing of nearly 100,000 Floridians every 3 months at a cost of tens of millions each year.

Whatever happened to the whole "We are for small, limited government" thing?

PS.. Scott’s wife also owns significant shares in the company that would likely be involved in performing these tests. Conflict of interest much?